Applicable for slice, ice cream cones, ice cream production.



  1. High quality PLC control component;stable and reliable performance
  2. Large color touch-screen HMI, intuitive and simple operation
  3. Servo drives assures precise positioning, convenient maintenance
  4. Adjustable time delay control system for positioning to avoid film overheat.
  5. High quality color code photoelectric switch, two-way trace, effectively control packing tolerance in (±1mm) to avoid film waste.
  6. Intelligent TC system, PID control, precise and stably seal temperature control
  7. Transverse sealing have safety cover and position correct device for easy operation.
  8. Direct heat side seal, to improve the service life, reduces product and film waste.


Type specification UTH3 packing machine
Film width (mm) <450
cut length (mm) 100-370
Products width (mm) 10-140
Products height (mm) 10-50
Packing speed 30-120
(pack per minute )
PowerKW) 4.6
Electric source 1-phase 220V50HZ/3-phase 380V50HZ
Motor Main motor 0.75KW/Servo motor 0.75KW
Film Heat seal applied to composite film OPP/PEPT/PE,纸/PEBOPP/PE etc.
dimensions(mm) 5050×960×1700
total wight(kg) 1100


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