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Qingdao Unite Packing Machinery Co. Ltd provides you an extensive range of shrink wrap packaging machine, which is quite perfect for industrial packaging for wrapping and packaging for different food products like biscuits and bread, and non-food products that you wish to safeguard from heat and dust.

These shrink wrap machine are quite easy and simple to use, and the most advanced models are heavily influenced by control displays to ensure the utmost satisfaction for the customers.

At Qingdao Unite Packing Machinery Co. Ltd, our products are designed carefully designed to match the international standards and requirements set by the clients.

Latest Shrink Wrap machines

A shrink wrap technology dates back to being old as the material itself. Ever since the origination of this technology, there has been a significant demand to apply the heat to get the appropriate amount of shrink it is stated for. The manufacturers, in this regard, were needed to smear the material and heat it as quickly as possible and in extensive quantities on their respective assembly lines. Today, these shrink packaging are of different complexity and size to handheld the heat guns and sealers towards the industrial automation which can be further applied to the heat and material in a conveyor-fed based oven.


  • Intelligent sealing system, position control, precise and stably seal temperature control.
  • Intelligent checking and line up output system.
  • Direct and fast heat seal, to keep product in good quality ,fresh and taste.
  • Widely used at supermarket ,school and restaurant for cooked meat ,rice ,dishes sauce, etc.
Product Code UNT Shrinking Wrapper
Packing Material PE,PP,Easy tear film
Seal type Air Pressure
Application Area All kinds container
Production Speed(Pmm) 30-50
Power(Kw) 5.5
Voltage    380V 50Hz


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